All bouquets are delivered in a bouquet sleeve where you can choose from 7 different sleeves; 1. Flowers pink sleeve, 2. Flowers lime green sleeve, 3. Flowers red sleeve, 4. Flowers lavender sleeve, 5. Flowers frosted white sleeve, 6. Bright black sleeve with butterfly and 7. Light brown paper sleeve. You can select the sleeve of your choice in the box sleeves at the top left of the sleeve by checking the box (the price of the sleeve is included in the price of the bouquet). Each bouquet will contain two sachets of cut flower food. You can also select a gift card to your bouquet; the personal message you can specify in the in textbox below the gift cards. You can also add a vase to your bouquet by going to accessories after clicking on the shopping cart of the bouquet of your choice and selecting the to select the vase of your choice and the color of the vase.