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Waxed Amaryllis bulb Magic Copper

  • Waxed Amaryllis bulb Magic Copper
  • Waxed Amaryllis bulb Magic Copper

Waxed Amaryllis bulb Magic Copper

You can add a floral gift card to
your Amaryllis bulb, by selecting
below a floral gift card.The floral
gift cards can be viewed on the
page floral gift cards. The surcharge
per floral gift card is € 1,65.

Note: The floral gift cards are in Dutch.
The personal message that you want
on the floral gift card you can fill in
the text box below. Of course you
can skip the floral gift card option.

Discount scheme:
  • 1 =  11.90
  • 3 =  10.90
  • 6 =  9.90

Waxed Amaryllis bulb Magic Copper

Artistic striking, this Amaryllis bulb with a creative Wax layer, ready-to-use. No need to plant this Wax Amaryllis bulb in the ground, simply place the Amaryllis bulb on the table or window--sill and start enjoying the beautiful flowers in about three to four weeks. This Waxed Amaryllis bulb needs no water to flourish in your living room and grows sprouted and is rich in flowers.

The waxed bulbs Magic consists of different colors Wax balls that are sprinkled with sparkles.

The unique thing about this concept is that there is no need to give water to the Amaryllis bulb to initiate growth.

Characteristics of the Waxed Amaryllis bulb
Cut flower
Flourishes within 3-4 weeks
Flowering of the Waxed Amaryllis bulb 4 to 6 weeks
Supplied as bulb coated with a wax layer
Bulb size 32/34
Minimum 2 Amaryllis flower stems with 4-6 flowers per stem
This Amaryllis bulb grows sprouted, so the bulb does not fall over when the stem matures. The mature length of the stem is between 30 cm and 40 cm high.

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