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10 Delphinium dubble flowers

  • 10 Delphinium dubble flowers
  • 10 Delphinium dubble flowers
  • 10 Delphinium dubble flowers
  • 10 Delphinium dubble flowers

10 Delphinium dubble flowers


Delphinium (larkspur): slender sprays of blue flowers

The Delphinium’s blue sprays are enchantingly beautiful.
Combine them with other blue flowers or create a colourful
garden bouquet!

Delphinium is a member of Ranunculaceae family. The flower is
said to be named after Delphi, where the oracle of Apollo resided.
Or does the name refer to the Greek word ‘delphis’, which means
‘dolphin’? If you use a lot of imagination, you can see dolphins in
the shape of the flower buds. The plant can grow up to nearly two
metres high, depending on the variety. Slender sprays of flowers
appear in summer. Every flower has a spur pointing backwards.
Hence the common name of ‘larkspur’.

Summer blue delphiniums
Delphiniums are loved for their blue shades (from pale baby blue to deep navy blue)
which give the flower a summer feel par excellence. There are also magnificent pink
and white delphiniums.

Delphinium care tips
Delphiniums are lovely in summer bouquets with a romantic feel, just as if the bouquet
has  been picked in an English cottage garden. The usual care tips for summer flowers
apply to Delphiniums. Remove the bottom leaves so that there are no leaves in the water.
Slant cut a piece off the stem with a clean, sharp knife and place the flowers in a clean
vase with clean water and cut flower food.

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