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Acroclinium flower white dried

  • Acroclinium flower white dried
  • Acroclinium flower white dried

Acroclinium flower white dried
bunch with a length of 50 cm


Acroclinium is a dried flower with a black heart and yellow edges and delicate petals that will bring lightness and sparkle to your compositions.

The essential dried flower of our new collection, the white Acroclinium is an ideal flower for your dried compositions. Some notes in a bouquet of dried or fresh flowers will bring lightness and this much appreciated country touch. These small flowers with delicate petals are ideal for the floral decoration of your home or your wedding. Some flowers in a crown; arranged in small pots or on your plates for a generous and flowery table ..., so many opportunities to fully enjoy the Acroclinium!

This lovely cut and dried flower is perfect for a successful dried DIY!

Description of the dried white acroclinium:

- Color: white with yellow heart
- Bunch of about 70 gram
- Type of flowers: dried
- Height: about 50 cm
- Diameter of the flower: about 2 to 3cm

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