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Alocasia in the growing pot

  • Alocasia in the growing pot
  • Alocasia in the growing pot

Alocasia in the growing pot


The Alocasia is thé plant of the moment! And that's probably because of the beautifully patterned, astonishingly green and shiny leaves which will complement any stylish interior. 
The Alocasia originates in the tropical forests of South East Asia and is also known as the ‘elephant’s ear’. Decorum grower Aad Persoon of Persoon Potplanten has some excellent tips for caring for the plant: “The ideal temperature for this plant is ±20 degrees throughout the year. Water regularly, but not too much: the Alocasia doesn't like to have wet feet.”

Care tips:
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Ideal temperature 15-25º C.
Water in the saucer/decorative pot.
Apply fertiliser twice a month.
Keep plant slightly dry in winter.
Suitable for anywhere in the house.

This Alacasia is offered in the growing pot of 17 cm and the height of the plant is approx. 45 cm.

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