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Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe

  • Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe
  • Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe
  • Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe
  • Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe

Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe
the diameter of the Azalea is 32 cm



Azalea in a ceramic pot Lola taupe

The azalea’s original habitat is composed of mountainous regions in the Far East where they
grow in sheltered locations as understory plants beneath the trees. This explains why azaleas
kept indoors prefer a location with indirect light. It is important to keep the soil in the pot moist.
Having excess water in the pot, however, is something the plant will not tolerate. Because the
plant has received sufficient nutrients at the nursery, providing azaleas with fertilisers during
flowering is absolutely unnecessary.

Practical tips:
Be sure to purchase an azalea plant that is sufficiently mature. A plant displaying one flower
that has opened is at the perfect stage. This shows you that the other flowers will open properly
and that the plant will provide a beautiful flowering display.

Buying a plant that is too immature involves the risk that the buds will not open.

Easy: an azalea requires no fertiliser!

Give an azalea a good splash of water (about 150 ml.) every other day.

An azalea can tolerate being too dry once in a while better than standing in water over a long period.
The latter can kill the plant.

If the plant has been left unwatered for a long time, immerse it in a bucket of water and let the soil in
the pot absorb plenty of water. Then allow excess water to drain off. Or place the plant in a sink filled
with water for about 15-30 minutes.

Ideal locations: lots of light (near a window) during the winter months; indirect sunlight during the summer months.

The Azaleas are proposed in a ceramic pot Lola taupe of 15 cm, the height of the plants is 25 cm.

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