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Buxus (Boxwood) sphere of 40 cm in a plastic pot

  • Buxus (Boxwood) sphere of 40 cm in a plastic pot
  • Buxus (Boxwood) sphere of 40 cm in a plastic pot

Buxus (Boxwood) sphere of 40 cm in a plastic pot


Buxus (Boxwood) sphere of 40 cm in a plastic campana pot

Buxus is not too fond of direct light from the sun. Make certain you use a type of
soil that has strong absorbing qualities. It does not like drought.

Water and nutrition  
Make certain that the soil clod does not dry out and, on the other hand, that any
abundance of water is easily drained away. During growth you could add a little
nutrition once every four weeks. There are special Buxus fertilisers available at
garden centers.

Buxus is hardy: you can keep it outside in winter. Do not trim your plants too
early in spring, and neither too late in autumn. You would run the risk that the
young branches will freeze and the leaves will turn yellow. Keep it away from
the wind when the frost is severe. Especially when you keep it in a pot instead
of the full ground, for it is more susceptible to the cold when potted.

The best tips for caring for your plant:

In winter no colder than -5 ºC
Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Ideal temperature -5 - 30 ºC

This Boxwood sphere is offered in the growing pot, the pot size is 26 cm,
the height of the plant is 45 cm, the diameter of the sphere is 32--35 cm.

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