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Crassula in a brown terracotta pot

  • Crassula in a brown terracotta pot
  • Crassula in a brown terracotta pot

Crassula in a brown terracotta pot


Crassula in a brown terracotta pot

The Crassula has a wide ranging family: worldwide approximately 1500 species are logged under the 'Crassulaceae' genus. All are succulents, however their origins can vary greatly. Most can be found in and around South Africa, mainly in the drier coastal regions south of Namibia. The Crassula is also familiar in Madagascar. Biologists refer to these types of plant as 'leaf succulents': plants that store water in their leaves. It is this characteristic that gives the plant its name; ‘crassus’ is Latin for thick and fleshy. The flowers are small and have an exquisite symmetrical structure. The Crassula is a very easy plant to keep, convenient if you go on holiday regularly. It can be left without water for two to three weeks at a stretch!

Care tips:
Requires little attention.
Long lasting.
Air purifying.
Ideal temperature 5 - 30 ºC.
Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Apply fertiliser once a week.
Do not leave excess water in saucer/dish.
Keep plant slightly dry in winter.

This Crassula is offered in a brown terracotta pot with a pot size of 18 cm, the height of the plants is 40 cm.

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