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Dried Flowers

Discover our selection of dried natural flowers. Opt for timeless flowers to create a bouquet, centerpieces, flower wreaths and many other elements that you can keep for long. We selected for you various varieties of flowers, foliage and branches already dried such as scabious, wheat and lavender, but also more rustic flowers such as helichrysum, rhodanthes, yarrow ...

Dare the dried flowers for a spring and floral wedding decoration and enjoy your timeless decoration.

Make bouquets of dried flowers yourself and create beautiful decorative elements. Discover our new collection of fresh dried flowers and even compose your bouquet by combining many of our varieties

The dried flowers will be your asset to vary the decoration of your interior! Change your compositions as you wish, according to the seasons and your desire, make unique dry bouquets! Your compositions can be remade at will, just change the shape and why not the container! Small tip to dust off the dried flowers once in a while; use a hair dryer on cold air.