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Eucalyptus Populus bunch

  • Eucalyptus Populus bunch
  • Eucalyptus Populus bunch

Eucalyptus Populus bunch
with a lenght of 65 cm


out of stock
Discount scheme:
  • 1 =  15.90
  • 5 =  13.90

This Eucalyptus Populus has a beautiful gray-green color, typical of this Eucalyptus species are the large leaves with the small berries. This Eucalyptus Populus can be ordered per bunch. The number of stems in the bunch depends on the branching per stem; with thickly branched stems there are 4 to 5 branches in a bunch and branches with few branches can have around 8 to 9 stems in a bunch. The side branches can be used well in flower arrangements, bouquets or corsages.

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