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Ixodia white dried 45 cm

  • Ixodia white dried 45 cm
  • Ixodia white dried 45 cm

Ixodia white dried 45 cm
bunch with a length of 45 cm

out of stock

The white ixodia is a flower with fairly hard branches and hard flowers and easy to use in dried flower creations. It has the distinction of being generous in terms of number of flowers per branch, but also to have a very white and refined color. Ixodia is a very feminine and delicate flower.

All about Ixodia
Ixodia is a wonderful white flower. We love it especially because with its innumerable ramifications, it offers us an incalculable number of small flowers. Ixodia is refined, and delicate with its yellow heart flowers. This white color is the perfect color to bring freshness into all your creations. A bunch of Ixodia consists of about 10 stems.

Your flower creations mixing dried flowers and stabilized flowers will not be able to do without the ixodia white. It is an ideal alternative to fresh flowers, because these dried and preserved flowers have the extreme advantage of being preserved without duration! Your white ixodia can be perfect for many occasions.

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