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Peony roses

  • Peony roses
  • Peony roses
  • Peony roses
  • Peony roses
  • Peony roses
  • Peony roses

Peony roses

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When you've got spring on your mind and summer is beckoning ...
May and June - those are the true months of the peony, which is widely available everywhere right now. This beautiful bloomer always has spring on its mind. If you're longing for the warmth of the sun, a peony in your home is a good start!

Colours and shapes
Anyone whose heart is captured by the charms of the peony is in luck: there are at least 1000 varieties of peony available, in all sorts of shapes and colours. So you’re really spoilt for choice! There are some with a single row of petals, or with semi-double and double flowers. You can also indulge yourself in terms of colour: the peony comes in sunny yellow, romantic white, soft pink or fiery red. Which shape and colour of peony appeals most to you?

A beautiful flower naturally comes with beautiful symbolism. The peony therefore represents love, happiness and health. All the things you'd like to bring into your home, surely?

We have been enjoying the peony's fabulous display in Europe since 1784. In China they were under its sway long before that. There the peony was grown not only for its flowers, but particularly for its roots. The Chinese believed that these can reduce a fever and stop bleeding.

Bouquet inspiration with peonies
A big bunch of peonies; just on its own, makes a lovely display … But you can also get great joy out of your peonies  if you combine them with other seasonal flowers such as Asclepia and Matrecaria. Another scintillating bouquet can be made with peonies, stock flowers, Agapanthus and Alchimella and a couple of branches of cherry blossom or alike. And take a look at the pink bouquet - how festive is that? Here peonies combine beautifully with carnations, delphiniums and Gloriosa. Isn't that lovely? Your florist can help you create a sunny bouquet like this.

Caring for peonies
Cut 5 cm off the stem using a sharp knife.
Use a clean vase and fill it with fresh water.
If your peonies are thirsty, top the vase up from time to time.
Don't place the vase in a draught, in direct sunlight or beside a fruit bowl.

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